When a Photo is Life Changing


Last month, a caring and committed psychotherapist felt something shift in her body. She couldn’t pinpoint it just yet, but she knew something was amiss.

She told her doctors, they said all was well.

She felt it again, this time in a dream.

Her next doctor’s visit she knew a great journey was manifesting. This time she was right.

Last month, my aunt was diagnosed with Stage 4 Head and Neck Cancer. It all still feels raw, like a wound that won’t heal. She’s made a voyage with the love of her amazing tribe down to one of the best cancer centers in the world, MD Anderson in Houston.

We are willing to sacrifice a lot for this kind of treatment. She’s an extraordinary woman that deserves the best care.

Unfortunately, her insurance doesn’t agree.

Now more than ever, it’s important that we take a step back and think about the things that really matter. Photos are not meant for likes, they are meant to preserve precious memories and bright moments in our lives.

Giving Back

I want to take a break from the usual. I want to make a difference with my photos. Starting now, all proceeds from photoshoots will go to my aunt Denise’s Cancer Fund. If you don’t want photos, please consider opening your heart to giving the old-fashioned way: Donate Now.