Deep in the Heart of Texas

Warm Texas air, sparkling swimming holes, bluebonnet highways, dog friendly trails…If you had to explain what people do in Austin, chances are a few of these outdoor attractions probably came to mind.

Time and time again, Austin has been ranked as one of the top cities to raise a family. One of the contributing factors to Austin’s winning score is its outdoor-oriented community. With a wide range of swimming holes and trails to try, it’s no wonder families are spending plenty of time enjoying the great outdoors all year round.

The Changing Landscape

For the last 10 years, Austin has grown at a rapid rate. New industries brought more jobs and low housing costs invited newcomers from all over the United States and world. Even with a slump in growth, Austin is still expected to see a 30 percent increase in its population by 2030.

With the city experiencing such a profound change in population, one question is often left unasked…

How is this Impacting the Beauty of the City?

Austin has long been cherished as an outdoor-enthusiast’s dream, but the constant series of music events and new developments have not left the city’s environment unscathed. Luckily, there are many organizations that have stepped in to help the ever-evolving city keep its beautiful outdoor reputation.

Some organizations work directly with the city, while others are private companies that offer jobs and beautification projects.


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