Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you take event photos? In general, the answer is no. On occasion I will take event photos, but my specialty is in portrait photography.
  2. How long do photo shoots take? It can vary, but most shoots are 1-2 hours long. I’ll usually email you with photo shoot details that include the estimated shoot time.
  3. How many photos will I receive? Most clients should expect 10-15 retouched photos. If you wish to have more, you will need to specify that before you book. (Weddings are an exception.)
  4. How long does it take to receive my photos? Between 1-2 weeks is the average edit time. Usually, I’ll edit a few photos the day after the shoot so you can have immediate results. The rest of the photos are expected to be completed the follow weeks. If you have a deadline, let me know ahead of time so we can make sure you can meet it.
  5. Can I request film/analog photography? Yes, I do shoot film portraits. If you would like film portraits, please specify when you book. Film usually takes 1-3 weeks to develop after the shoot date. Note: Film portraits are an additional fee.
  6. Can I edit the photos? If you are a model, designer, makeup artist, hair stylist, or any other collaborator: no. If you are a paying client, you do have the rights to edit the photos.